We love this project. The terrace is possibly the most common house type in the country, and we think it offers great family space. The terrace also uses the land it sits on exemplary, providing just enough space to the front for a transition from pavement to front door, whilst maximising the use of the garden to the rear. The downside, as is often the case, is usually a cramped ground floor layout with small, pokey rooms that are unfit for modern living. But herein lies the opportunity where the terrace often offers great potential for conversions.

For this design we have adopted the Permitted Development Rights parameters for extensions and roof conversions, to add a single storey extension to the rear and full width dormer to the roof. The aim of the design is simple, minimise any wasted circulation space and open up the social areas to the ground floor by creating compact and clever design solutions that draws the green of the outside into the heart of the building.

Our design will transform this already beautiful terrace into a modern home fit for a growing family.

Overview 01


The proposed new extension creates a generous, well considered layout with an open-plan kitchen/dining area and a direct and open connection to the garden beyond. The proposed garden layout has additionally been designed with a view to integrate necessary garden storage within the built form of the extension and the proposed new boundary treatment, to provide a ‘clutter’ free external space.

View from Kitchen 01


View from Garden 01


The proposals seek to remain within the character of the local area where the new extension is proposed to be clad in a buff clay brick, as are the new boundary walls. It is proposed to generally freshen up the rear elevation of the house by re-painting it white and render and then paint the proposed full-width dormer to match. All new windows and doors to the rear are proposed to be dark grey, aluminium framed and double glazed, to generally modernise and overhaul the rear with a minimal material palette. The roof to the extension is proposed to be laid as a green, wildflower roof to extend the ‘garden view’ from the first and attic floor windows.

View from Patio 01

Status: Planning Approved