We like to work with people who share our views and in exchange for a high degree of creative freedom we will design architecture that is elegant, exquisitely detailed and visually striking.

We believe in adding value to your big idea and we will help you get the most out of your project. We will guide your project through the design, planning and construction processes whilst providing impartial and creative thinking.

The design process is at times complex and a successful project depends on the skills of engineers, consultants, carpenters, builders and craftsmen. We value working with people whom we trust and have worked with before, building on an ethos of transparency and teamwork.

We provide a full design and management architectural service, from project inception through to construction and completion. As an RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Chartered Practice we work to a well established professional standard and before starting work on any project we will prepare a detailed fee proposal structured in accordance with the RIBA Work Stages.

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RIBA Work Stages 0-2

  • Briefing – understanding and agreeing the ambitions, opportunities and requirements of the project
  • Site Surveys – understanding the existing context, parameters and restrictions of the site or existing property
  • Concept Designs – initial sketch ideas, usually presented in plan & 3D format
  • Material Mood Boards – outline specification of proposed materials
  • Statutory Consents – pre-application consultation if required, preparation of all Planning Documentation and submission of Planning and/or Listed Building applications
  • Review of Cost implications
  • Review of H&S implications

RIBA Work Stages 3-4

  • Technical Design – technical review and selection of construction method and technical parameters
  • Co-ordination – integration of other consultants’ information into design, including structural, mechanical and electrical designs
  • Energy Performance – environmental calculations and performance targets
  • Materials – selection of all interior and exterior materials, fittings and finishes
  • Building Regulations – completion of Full Plans Submission to Building Control
  • Construction Drawings – completion of all production information drawings, specifications and schedules to allow contractors to prepare detailed quotes
  • Tendering – assist in selection of contractors and agreeing contractual arrangements

RIBA Work Stage 5

  • On Site – administer terms of building contract through regular inspections
  • Communication – liaise with contractors to ensure building is carried out as envisaged, and provide additional support and information as necessary.

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