Like a London Bus… Another Planning Approval

The planning approvals keep coming at the moment and we’re very happy to have seen this through for the re-modelling of an existing bungalow in Trowbridge. It really is a house full of extensions where the original modest bungalow has been added to throughout the years to such an extent that the centre of the house is completely land-locked, and with internal windows.

Our designs appear to start again, but we are simply removing the existing conservatory and then re-using the walls of the existing extensions to rest a new full width pitched roof on. Together with some internal re-modelling we’re able to completely re-think the layout without too much internal surgery to create a clear layout, with good light and ventilation to all bedrooms, that leads into a generous open plan family space opening up to the garden. Whilst adding a roof, we’ve also added an overhang to the south facing elevation, which overall means we’ll be dramatically reducing the overheating that the existing house suffers from.

We’re really proud of this project and looking forward to starting on site in the autumn.


Proposed Section AA

AL-02-05 Plan level 00

Proposed and Existing South Elevation


Planning Application approved for Haha House

It has been a good week this week – another planning application approved! It is also great to have received such flattering support by the local neighbours for our proposals.

“The scheme to build a state-of-the art house with so many amazing environmentally positive features is both imaginative and impressive.

We hear so much these days about environmental issues and to see such an outstanding example of 21st century eco-friendly building in a tiny traditional village like Whatley is both inspiring and admirable. A view shared by all the fellow residents of the village we have spoken to.”

“We are very impressed by the plans for the new house and the artist’s studio. This is a thoughtful and conscientious proposal which incorporates the best of modern architecture and eco friendly aspects. We love the fact that it is a passive house which sustains itself without drawing on external resources. It is exciting and admirable; a dwelling and studio which Whatley can take pride in. The juxtaposition of the beautiful old houses in Upper Whatley and the radical new Clear View will be stunning. We support this application without reservation.”

Find out more about this project here



Planning Approved for new extension in BoA

We have recently obtained planning approval for a new extension to an existing semi-detached house in Bradford-on-Avon. The existing house is yet again part of a typology of 60’s/70’s houses that exist up and down the country and one which we’ve enjoyed exploring. The typology is efficient in its layout and provides for good family space, but it is all too often disappointing in its architectural ambition providing social spaces that are un-fit for contemporary family life, with poor connections to the garden, and poor levels of energy efficiency.

These types of properties typically fall into the category of permitted development rights and our proposals sought to combine these with the already existing parameters in the neighbourhood where more than 50% of the area have added two storey side extensions. This provided a great starting point for considering volumetric constraints.

We used these constraints to model a side and rear extension that remains subservient to the original house, whilst reading as a contemporary new addition. The pitched roof of the extension is asymmetrical to allow us to tuck a study into the apex of the roof whilst providing a generous, part double height, kitchen/dining to the ground floor opening up to the garden. To the first floor 2 new bedrooms will be added with the connection  corridor overlooking the kitchen below creating a sense of connectivity between the floors.

Section AA

We will be using a combination of brick and timber to emulate the colours of the existing re-constituted stone but allowing the new extension to have its own identity. All existing windows will be replaced and new loft insulation added, which, together with a deep terrace providing solar shading to the ground floor, will significantly improve the energy performance of the whole house.

We are very proud to have won this planning approval despite receiving a lot of objections from neighbours. In fact, our proposals were highly commended for its modern design by Wiltshire District Council whom we worked with closely to fine-tune the proposals to ensure they were within acceptable massing constraints.

View 01

View 02

View 03

AL-02-05 Plan Level 00

North Elevation


Planning Application submitted for new house

Whilst busy working on the Boardman Bikes project for most of last year, we’ve still had lots of exciting domestic projects on the go at the same time. We are awaiting planning outcomes on several at the moment which will see us busy preparing for more work on site in the autumn.

Here are some of our images for a recently submitted application for a new bespoke house in the Somerset countryside. Our clients have provided us with a very exciting brief for a contemporary house, as well as an art studio. We’ve divided the two volumes and pushed these out to the edges of the site and we call it the Haha-house where the new building volumes will appear to rise out of the overhauled, existing haha. This maximises the opportunity for a series of landscaped open ‘courtyards’ in the centre of the site whilst providing great views to the wider landscape beyond.


View from courtyard 01

View from courtyard 02

View from fields 01

View from fields 02

Living Room 01