We are thrilled with the result from today’s air-tightness test for the Vintner’s conversion. We got a reading of 2.6 m3/m2h @ 50 Pa which we’re extremely proud of.

It is a tall order to avoid air leakages at all interfaces and junctions when working with an existing building, but we have been obsessing about these details since the inception of the project. The Vintner’s adopts a combination of a new airtight roof membrane with 350mm of wood fibre insulation behind, double glazed new aluminium windows and doors, air tightness tapes around all windows and penetrations, and using an MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) system.

To many the test result means very little, focus is often on material finishes and spatial qualities, which we also obsess about – but in a world where we need to minimise our energy consumption and reduce carbon footprints, this is the measurable result of what can be achieved when working with an existing building, which is also listed Grade II.

The test result means that we will now know that the MVHR system can operate efficiently, recycling the heat of the building whilst providing excellent indoor air quality, and equally important, we’ve minimised heat losses through air leakages which will ensure a very comfortable home with next to no draughts.