The planning approvals keep coming at the moment and we’re very happy to have seen this through for the re-modelling of an existing bungalow in Trowbridge. It really is a house full of extensions where the original modest bungalow has been added to throughout the years to such an extent that the centre of the house is completely land-locked, and with internal windows.

Our designs appear to start again, but we are simply removing the existing conservatory and then re-using the walls of the existing extensions to rest a new full width pitched roof on. Together with some internal re-modelling we’re able to completely re-think the layout without too much internal surgery to create a clear layout, with good light and ventilation to all bedrooms, that leads into a generous open plan family space opening up to the garden. Whilst adding a roof, we’ve also added an overhang to the south facing elevation, which overall means we’ll be dramatically reducing the overheating that the existing house suffers from.

We’re really proud of this project and looking forward to starting on site in the autumn.


Proposed Section AA

AL-02-05 Plan level 00

Proposed and Existing South Elevation